Jenna Jameson Fight AIDS at Life Ball 2007

(Sunday, June 3, 2007)

Jenna Jameson has proved she can do more than just provide erotic entertainment for people all over the world. Recently she has helped out by donating her time to help one of the largest causes for the prevention of HIV/AIDs in the world, The Annual Life Ball 2007. Jenna participated in a fashion show on the cat walk, which helped raise funds for the cause.

The Life Ball is Europe's biggest charity event, which began in 1993 in Austria. Each year, the Life Ball consists of a different fashion designer, in 2007, the year Jenna Jameson helped out, the designer was Heatherette. Each year the show has fashion models walk down a catwalk as part of the event, as people donate and more to help raise funds. Overall, this is a very successful event for raising funds for HIV/AIDs research.

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