Michael Jackson Supports AIDS charity APLA

(Monday, July 28, 2008)

Michael Jackson is known the world over as the King of Pop, but many people aren't aware of his huge charitable contributions. Jackson holds the Guinness World Record for the most charities supported by a celebrity over 39.

The cause perhaps dearest to Michael Jackson's heart is the Aids Project Los Angeles. Jackson has donated heavily to APLA, and is also heavily involved in fund-raising for them. Jackson's close friend Elizabeth Taylor was the catalyst for Jackson's involvement in AIDS education, prevention, and advocacy.

In 1990, Elton John and Michael Jackson bring worldwide attention to Ryan White, the Indiana teenager who died of AIDS at the age of 18 in April. Through his hard work and donations, he has helped millions of people living with HIV or AIDS. The Aids Project Los Angeles held it's very first fund-raiser in 1982,and has been working tirelessly since then to raise money and awareness for AIDS.

APLA was responsible for coordinating the first-ever AIDS walk in 1985 and that has grown into countless fund-raising events. The beneficiaries of the money raised are the millions of people suffering from HIV and/or AIDS.

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