Christian Bale Supports Animal Charities

(Saturday, November 8, 2008)

Like a lot of celebrities, Christian Bale is a huge supporter of animal charities. Star of such movies as, "American Psycho," "Velvet Goldmine," and the latest in the Batman saga, Bale is a huge catch for any charity.

Case in point, Christian Bale has been supporting animal charity Digit Fund since 2002. Digit Fund is devoted to preserving the last of the Mountain Gorillas. The charity was created in 1978 by a Doctor who named it after a Gorilla she had studied which was decapitated by poachers.

More About The Charity
  • Digit Fund is part of the broader Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, which is dedicated to the conservation of gorillas and their habitats in Africa through anti-poaching, regular monitoring, research, education and support of local communities.

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