Hugh Hefner & Jenny McCarthy Fund Autism Research

(Sunday, October 5, 2008)

Hugh Hefner has long been known as a generous contributor to a variety of charities. He is especially fond of the Autism charity Generation Rescue, which is supported by his close friend Jenny McCarthy.

Each year, Hefner hosts the "Leather Meets Lace" event at his own Los Angeles Playboy Mansion. All the money raised goes directly to Generation Rescue to support it's cause of Autism treatment and recovery.

Jenny McCarthy found Generation Rescue through a Google search when her son was diagnosed with autism. The organization was formed to unify a large group of research scientists, doctors, and parents who are dealing with autism. Generation Rescue seeks to help parents find the funds and assistance to treat autism, and to begin the process of recovery from autism.

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  1. Kylie and Wayne Says:

    Thank you for funding this cause. We need all the research for autism as a parent of a child and work with adults it's hard on a daily bases. Needing this research will help families understand and may help them in the future/future children born with autism.

    Ky from Brisbane, Australia

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